Size charts
for BigCommerce

Automatically inject extra content like size charts, pop-ups, and tabs on product pages based on defined rules and conditions.

Popups and Size Charts App for BigCommerce

Auto-show size charts, popups, tabs on product pages by rules

The app allows you to automatically place size charts/popups/tabs and buttons that open them on pre-selected product pages (by rules and conditions) with any additional content you want to show your customers. It can consist of text, images, videos, size charts, or even snapshots of a Google spreadsheet.

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You do not have to add extra content to each product separately.

Instead, you create rules, a set of conditions for selecting products that meet them. You can choose products by brand, category, name, a word in the title, or a combination of these conditions. Size charts/popups/tabs and buttons that open them will automatically appear on all product pages that meet defined rules.

The app can create 2 types of pop-ups:

  1. General purpose pop-ups
  2. Dedicated pop-ups for size charts (useful for apparel stores)

You can assign multiple general-purpose pop-ups with different content to a product page, and the app can insert multiple buttons on the page to open those pop-ups. In addition, you can choose when (at which events) pop-ups should be displayed automatically.

Dedicated size chart pop-ups don’t have the ability to automatically open, but the app can automatically determine the location on the page where to place a link/button that will open a pop-up window. Usually, this place is located near the size options selector.

How it works?

Specify the criteria for selecting products

Let’s say you want to place a pop-up window on all product pages that contain “T-Shirt,” which falls into the “Women’s T-Shirts” category. Just set the appropriate conditions in the rules builder as shown in the image. You can also preview a set of products to which this size chart will apply.

Create a content of the pop-up in the editor

The next step is to build the content of the pop-up, using different blocks.

There are text blocks where you can write a text and format it as you wish. You can use it to embed videos from the services like YouTube.

Use image blocks to upload your images and embed them into the content.

For size chart pop-ups most useful block is a table block, which supports automatic unit conversion from metric to imperial system and vice versa. In this table block, you can edit your size chart very similar to how you do it in spreadsheets like Excel or Google Spreadsheets. If you already have a size chart you can simply copy/paste it here.

In addition, by using the Google Spreadsheet block you can prepare content in the Google Spreadsheets and import it to the editor.

Configure and publish

The next step is to set up a pop-up window and publish it.

No additional configuration is required for pop-ups of the size chart type.

But for general-purpose pop-ups, you need to specify when to show the pop-up automatically, and if you want to insert buttons into the content, you also need to add them in this step.

Then save and publish.

Now pop-ups and buttons will be automatically inserted on each product page that meets the specific selection rules you set in the first step.

See how it works

How much does it cost?

We’ve got one free and one paid subscription plan for you. You can start with Free and then upgrade as you grow.

The Free plan has one limitation – you can have a maximum of two active (published) pop-ups at the same time. Herewith you are free to create as many pop-ups as you need, but only 2 of them can be active at a time.

The Basic plan has no limits on the number of pop-ups and costs only $9 per month (billed yearly). This allows you to use all the features of the app without restrictions.


$ 0 per month
  • Powerful product selection rules editor
  • Auto-inserting links/buttons into the page content
  • Visual content editor
  • Automatic unit conversion in size charts
  • 2 active size charts


$ 9 per month(billed yearly)
  • Powerful product selection rules editor
  • Auto-inserting links/buttons into the page content
  • Visual content editor
  • Automatic unit conversion in size charts
  • Unlimited active size charts

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