Who we are?

We are a small company founded in November 2016 by two entrepreneurs, Maryna and Serhii, and from the beginning our goal was to open an online t-shirt store. We have created a website on the BigCommerce platform and have been successful in this market for several years. At times, we lacked the functionality of the website, and Serhii wrote his own modules for BigCommerce to automate our own business processes.

Over time, we have realized that our experience and understanding of what is lacking for store owners like ours can be useful not only to us but to many other entrepreneurs. And we had the idea to turn this area of ​​our activity into a separate business. That's how PRIKID.APP came about.

Our mission

We see our mission in creating small but useful applications for Ecommerce platforms that help online store owners with their day-to-day business, ease their employees' work, saving time and money. We deeply understand what we have to deal with on a daily basis, as we have been involved in this business for many years. And so we try to make our applications as useful and user-friendly as possible.

Our apps

We have now created our first BigCommerce application that makes it easy to manage the size tables for the products on your website. It makes it easy to create and assign size tables to many products at once, selecting these products using your own criteria. You do not need to edit every single item to add or change a size chart. You simply specify the conditions under which you want to select the goods (for example, the word in the name of the product, or certain categories of goods) and the size chart will automatically appear on the pages of all products that satisfy these conditions.

You can read more about this app at its website https://sizecharts.prikid.app

Our team

Our team is the foundation of our company. And while there are not many of us yet, we all have a common goal and inspire each other to succeed. Each of us is a talented person in our field and only together we can create great products that our customers value.


Anna (on the right)

Head of customer support



Co-founder, CEO, Software engineer



Co-founder, Head of marketing

Our contacts

If you have any questions, please contact us in a convenient way and we will answer as soon as possible.

Contacts us:

Email: support@prikid.app

Support: prikid.freshdesk.com

Twitter: twitter.com/PrikidApp

Our mailing address:


1908 Thomes Ave.

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001-3527