Enhance Your BigCommerce Store with Automated Size Charts and Pop-ups | Real Case Demo

Discover the power of Prikid.app for BigCommerce– the ultimate solution to effortlessly enhance your online store’s product pages! With Prikid.app, you can automatically place size charts, pop-ups, tabs, and buttons on selected product pages based on customizable rules and conditions. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adding extra content to each product – our app streamlines the process with intelligent automation.

The video showcases a real example of the app usage in the https://ultralightoutdoorgear.co.uk/ BigCommerce store.

Whether you’re in the apparel industry or beyond, Prikid.app offers versatile functionality, allowing you to showcase text, images, videos, size charts, and even Google spreadsheet snapshots seamlessly. Create rules tailored to your preferences, selecting products by brand, category, title keywords, or a combination thereof.

Explore two types of pop-ups: general-purpose and dedicated size chart pop-ups, each offering unique benefits. With general-purpose pop-ups, you can assign multiple variations of content to a product page, complete with customizable display triggers. Dedicated size chart pop-ups are perfect for apparel stores, intelligently placing links/buttons near size options selectors for easy access.

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