Easily create size charts for products in your BigCommerce store and associate it with many similar products in just a few clicks.


Each time you add a new product to your store, you need to insert the size chart into the description, or make an image with it and add to the product images. This approach is very common but also boring and time-consuming. And you need to do it over and over again for each new product on the site.

{primary} Prikid Size Charts App for BigCommerce allows you to easily create a size chart and associate it to multiple products that meet your criteria (such as name, category, brand).

How does it work?

  • In the first step, you create a product segment to which a size chart will be attached. For example, you can segment products by a specific category or brand. Or select all products that have a specific word in the name. Of course, you can combine different conditions into groups using AND / OR operators.

  • Next, you create the size chart in our handy editor. There you can construct your size chart, using text and image blocks. The most useful block is a table block, which supports automatic unit conversion from metric to imperial system and vice versa. In this table block, you can edit your size chart very similar to how you do it in spreadsheets like Excel or Google spreadsheets.

    If you already have a size chart you can simply copy/paste it here.

  • Save and publish.

The size chart button/link will now appear on the product pages of the created segment. Clicking on it will open a popup window with the created size table.

If you add new products that meet the same criteria in the future, the size chart will automatically appear on their pages.

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