Benefits & Features

  • One content for multiple products
    You can bind one pop-up or size chart to multiple products at once by specifying selection conditions such as a word in the product name, a specific category, or a brand. You can create conditions combinations for more subtle product segmentation.
  • Convenient visual content editor
    The content editor allows you to compose content from simple blocks such as text or images. In the table block, which may be convenient to use for size charts, you can configure measurement units and conversion, and insert content from spreadsheets like Excel.
  • The only place to manage pop-ups and size charts for all your store products
    All your pop-ups are created and managed from one place, you don’t have to go into each product to insert or edit content
  • Auto-adding links/buttons on your product pages
    A Size chart button or link automatically appears on product pages for which size charts are created, and a popup window will appear by clicking on it. For general-purpose popups, you can use XPath expressions to inject buttons into the page content.
  • Automatic conversion of units from metric to imperial and vice versa
    By default, all table blocks have a unit of measure switch. For example, you can enter dimensions in inches, and they will be automatically converted to centimeters

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