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Free and paid plans #

We’ve got one free and one paid subscription plan for you. You can start with a Free plan and then upgrade as you grow.

The Free plan has one limitation – you can have a maximum of two active (published) pop-ups at the same time. Herewith you are free to create as many pop-ups as you need, but only 2 of them can be active at a time.
The Basic plan has no limits on the number of pop-ups and costs only $9 per month (billed yearly). This allows you to use all the features of the app without restrictions.

And, of course, it has a 7-day trial period, so you can try it for free.


Cost (per month)
(billed yearly)
Powerful products filterYesYes
Automatic unit conversionYesYes
Published pop-ups2Unlimited
Subscription plans comparison

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